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Washington - The National Highway Traffic Safety and security Management claimed Sunday it is opening up an initial examination into 400,000 of Ford's very popular F-150 vehicles for velocity issues. Obtained a reconstruct ECU, as well as I saw to it that the path of water has actually see been secured with silicone in the engine bay, as well as there is lots of dilectric grease all over the connectors. There is even more info below at I would certainly go to a Toyota dealership first and also make sure this remains in reality the problem.

On lots of lorries, it is also needed to perform a relearn treatment after the computer has actually been installed so the anti-theft system will certainly acknowledge the new computer-- or else the engine may not begin. The plugs don't shut out water extremely well as well as I need one more Alternative fuel computer.

Concerning 6 months ago, the throttle started to highlight as well as the engine would certainly have no power for concerning 2-3 seconds despite having my foot right down, prior to unexpectedly jolting forwards. Now that we've exhausted the essentials, allow's take care of the 10 most usual COMPUTER issues.

You pull the old one out as well as put the new one in. Then, remember to NOT boast to your good friends as they will believe that you are some engine savant and also everyone will certainly desire your assist with their vehicles. Ford needs to take control of this ever before growing issue, tip up to the plate as well as fix their problem.

If you are experiencing a difficult change between gears then the ecm is probably the issue. The wear problem can be made worse by hefty essential rings that put extra stress and anxiety on the button. In some cases, the ECM will actually aid by presenting an error code that can be made use of to identify the mechanical problem.

That implies there is an issue and also you need to obtain your vehicle diagnosed if the light proceeds to remain on. Well they have actually ordered the ECM ... then will have to check it out, after that if continued issue they will change the transmission. The computer system blinked the codes to you ... blink blink ... ... ... ... ... blink ... That's a code 21.

The first letter (either P, B, C, or U), educates the reader of the system being affected by the problem. However, if even after repair services and consistent upkeep of the transmission, your issue is still not solved, it could be as a result of the ECM. For instance, a very common trouble code shows up when the reading on the oxygen sensor is out of whack.

Well, couple of days ago I came here with a 1391 code (in some cases the computer can not crank or see the cam shaft sensing unit setting) however finally it was not one of them but the ECU Computer system as well as I have to change it. I Called the supplier as well as it sets you back 634$ CAD + taxes so concerning 735 canadian dollars.