Saving Money ON Wedding DJs

By Sheila on about misc

Your wedding is a most precious and memorable moment for you, one which you will remember for many years to come. The entertainment aspect of the wedding reception is usually the most important one to be considered. Choosing the right kind of entertainment with a highly talented and entertaining DJ that will amaze your guests is the most important decision you will make in the wedding planning process. You need to be informed enough while choosing the ultimate wedding DJ for your wedding, for which you need to know the following things.


A Wedding DJ in lawrenceville GA that will direct your guests to the dance floor and keep them having fun is a necessity that has to be overcome with the best effort. A lot of musical genres should be played at this occasion by the wedding DJ to provide an entertaining mixture for both younger and older guests. So it is usually a good idea to ask a DJ what genres of music he usually plays at a wedding. Your wedding DJ should have the broad options of music genres from doo-wop of the 50's, to rock music of the 80's to 70’s disco, and not just top 40 current radio music. You should also be aware of whether your DJ has a digital-storage facility and software to play high definition digitized music files in a smooth way, without crackling out or skipping during dance time as a posed to a DJ who uses CDs or Vinyl.

A satisfactory amount of experience as an Event Planner also counts in this procedure for ensuring you will get quality and entertaining services. The experience of the wedding DJ is just as important as the quality. The more experience a wedding DJ has the more easily your guests will be having fun and flowing with the music. By experience it is possible to know about the music that will work for your guests as well as the music that will not work and make them loose interest fast. A little amount of tricks and jokes will be beneficial to add up in the mixture. Do not get fooled into hiring a cheap wedding DJ with no experience.  In fact the amount of money you pay for a wedding DJ is directly correlated to how experienced the DJ is, and how many years that DJ has been in business.  The real experience for handling every part of your wedding comes with the amount of performances that DJ has worked in a year. Some of the DJ’s in our field have been hired for 2 or 3 weddings per month, while others are doing 2-3 weddings per weekend. Obviously the DJ doing 2-3 weddings a weekend will be more experienced and not just luckier.  So, it’s an obvious questions to ask – How many wedding events the DJ company carries out yearly? Also how many years, they have been performing as a Wedding DJ? The DJ that does 2-3 events per weekend usually does 100-150 events a year and that’s the answer you want to hear.


Quality equipment to be used as sound and lighting effects will be enough for making and breaking a celebration. As all the weddings are video taped by a professional videographer and photographer you can easily use this to your advantage by asking for a previously recorded demo. When you will be shown the demo, get assured that lighting and sound should meet up to your expectations. Also ask if that will be the same setup that you will receive at your event as shown.   Expensive LED lighting comes in as the most favorite choices of wedding Dj’s and if this is also the case with your event, then reliability has to be checked properly. Make sure your wedding dj tests its equipment to be in working order before it comes to your event.

Reliability of the wedding Dj Company is one of the biggest concerns from an event management point of view. There may be cases of damage to speakers or systems or lighting while transporting from the last set up or another type of harm that may occur accidentally. For this, you should ask wedding dj company if they are equipped with backup equipment. This is just to be assured the success of your party all the way from start to finish. One more thing to be kept in mind for the quality of your wedding DJ is to see the testimonials or any other type of written statement from past clients, as a way of judging the overall happiness and satisfaction of previous clients. You may also get details of a money-back guarantee policy, if available based on the execution of the overall event. To be awarded the money-back policy, you should not forget to sign a contract with the DJ company.

At last, be aware of cheap wedding DJ advertisers on the Internet, like those on Craig list and magazines (like pennysaver), who only carry out event work usually on a part-time or hobby basis and willing to work on a much lower budget. They are usually advertising to do events for $400 or less.  These types of Dj’s are not reliable at all, sometimes they won’t even show up, or they show up with bad quality equipment that may break down during your party. They always have very little experience and don’t know what to play to get your guests up or when to playthe right songs. You surely don’t want to ruin your most precious day due to saving an extra $500 by hiring an inexperienced Wedding DJ. So be attentive to search for the most brilliant, skilled and experienced wedding