Notebok Vs Laptop Vs Netbook

By Sheila on about misc

There have been innovations with gadgets nowadays and these innovations gave quite a dramatic impact to the society.  It made working convenient, it had left you portable services and the list continues.  With these changes comes different terms.  There were notebook, laptop and netbook.  The question is, what really is the different between the three?  How will you be able to note notebook vs laptop vs netbook.  Basically, there is nothing so drastic about notebook vs laptop vs netbook.  They have all came from one family of gadgets.

Notebook is used interchangeably with laptop.  Well, there is quite a little difference between the two – the names.  Aside from that, notebook and laptop are one.  The first wave of these portable devices came with the name laptop but as time passes by and as innovations continue to live its purpose, many manufacturers have made their own version and called it notebook.  But primarily, there is no such thing as notebook and laptop being different laptop riser mstand.  So with the battle between notebook vs laptop vs netbook, notebook and laptop is one.

A quite bigger difference is with netbook and laptop or notebook.  If you come to see it, the difference is really obvious.  Let us just delve with the basics.

Netbook is the smaller version of laptops.  While laptops appear bulky, netbooks are you hand you could slip it in your bag without making your bag look filled with stuffs. The first models ever created were like five inches in size. It is perfect for travellers who need to bring work with them.  Since laptops are heavy, you will find it hard to carry it along with you.  Though there are sleek laptops available in the market, netbooks are still lighter.  With the changes in laptops, netbooks come in sleeker forms as years pass also.

Another notable difference is with the price.  Netbooks were cheaper than laptops.  These were because it was primarily created to make it accessible to the public.  It is an answer to the call of a cheaper laptop.

In terms of specifications, laptop will never get overpowered by netbooks.  Imagine a picture of a laptop without hard disk drives, with a lower RAM and ROM and you will get the complete picture of a netbook.  This means that a laptop has an edge when it comes to utility.  Plus, if you would save a lot of documents in your gadget for long term purposes, netbooks cannot just accommodate it.

If you come to think about notebook vs laptop vs netbook, do not be confused.  Sometimes terms which people coin to create another name might be a little confusing but if you come to look at the details, you will see the difference that are evidently showing.