Foerigners Dating in Vietnam?

By Sheila on about misc

Is your sex-life steamier than a Swedish sauna? Does your bedroom see more traffic than the LA freeway? Measure the limits of your libido with our lust-packed passion quiz!

Question 1

How often do you make love?

Once a day.
Once a week.
Once in a blue moon.

Question 2

When your lover gets home from work, you:

Jump for joy.
Jump into bed.
Jump for the remote control.

Question 3

After sex, you:

Catch your breath and start again?
Light a cigarette and start hugging?
Say 'Happy Birthday, honey' and start snoring?

Question 4

When you make love, do the neighbors:

Call the police to complain about the noise?
Call the fire brigade to put out the flames?
Call round to offer you congratulations?

Question 5

If you meet a hot prospect in a bar from a blind from vietnam cupid , are you most likely to ask them:

Where the bathrooms are?
For their phone number?
If they want to pop out to the car park and practice maneuvering in tight places?

Question 6

Do you think of sex as:

A pleasant treat?
A pleasant necessity?
A pleasant memory?

Question 7

When you and your partner are apart, you:

Look at pictures of yourselves together.
Look at pictures of yourselves together naked.
Look at pictures in magazines.

Question 8

When you and your partner go out for dinner, you:

Look into each others eyes and play footsie under the table?
Look at the waiters/ waitresses and talk about the weather?
Look at the menu and rush home for 'dessert'?

Question 9

When your friends discuss sex, you:

Amaze them with boasts about your incredible achievements.
Listen with amazement to their incredible achievements.
Consider just talking about sex to be an incredible achievement.

Question 10

When a relationship ends do you:

Run out to a singles bar?
Run out to Ben and Jerry's?
Run out of Valium?