Astrill Vpn Vs Ultrasurf

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Everything oozes quality here and the level of functionality seen here is unmatchable. VPN services offered by Astrill contain all conventional VPN features with the addition of even more advantageous features. Documentation and support is also great, so this service is recommended for enthusiasts and novices alike. As per Astrill VPN review Performance of this VPN is also stellar with the increased flexibility. This VPN services is equally appealing for techies & technophobes, which provides balance between usability and functionality. You can use a little money to use this service, if you have an Astrill coupon code.  With great performance generous seven day trial allows you to try it without bearing any risk. It is therefore highly recommended due to the attributed mentioned in the following paragraphs.

 Pricing & packages

Astrill also offers business packages and VPN routers, this Astrill VPN review mainly focuses on personal VPN. All of the packages for personal VPN services offer unlimited data transfer and unlimited bandwidth. Usage for VPN services is for from one month to as much time period as you want it to be. With an increase in number of months the VPN services are used, there is a decrease in monthly price. As per Astrill VPN review there are add-on options which result in an increase in cost, including VPN sharing, home plan, and router-capabilities. Minimum duration for VPN package is 3 months which is longer as compared to other providers but there is free trial offer for seven days.  Another negative point could be that there are no money back deals available at Astrill.

 Customer service

Live-chat option is available at all pages of Astrill, which is a reassuring signal. ultrareach internet corp  Instant response proves customer friendly nature of its staff. In addition to live chat there are also present support email, telephone and Skype account access. Astrill VPN review indicates that these support options are impressive because telephone and Skype support is rare indeed. Remote assistance is also available. Astrill offers comprehensive VPN services that range from personal to dedicated routers and business-VPN solutions.

Security & privacy

Astrill provides thorough information regarding their services on the website. This detailed information makes it easy to ascertain the technical details of service operations. VPN protocols offered by Astrill are in widest selection ever seen with any other single provider. In addition to usual services of L2TO, PPTO and Open VPN, Astrill also offers SSTP, Cisco IPSec and Open Web services. As revealed by Astrill VPN review encryption is up-to 256 bit SSL. Astrill do-not maintain any logs, which is welcome news particularly for those who have privacy concerns.

Installation process of VPN is quite easy and quick. Downloading speed is also impressive and this is a plus point for its high-rating. With substantial capability Astrill VPN provides good setup guidelines.  Another feature revealed by Astrill VPN review is that Astrill also offers several options to configure its VPN solution on iPhone. iPhone users have option to connect to website of Astrill through iPhone browser and download configuration profiles. In short Astrill VPN is worth using service to enjoy unlimited internet usage.