A Relaxing Stay In A Four Diamond Southern Inn

By Sheila on about misc

Nothing says Southern comfort like a two night stay in The Red Horse Inn, courtesy of Living social Escapes by Livingsocial gives you access to some of the greatest deals, allowing you to enjoy a two night stay for two people in The Red Horse Inn Dovecote Room for only 332$ of the original $665. influencer marketing agency The Red Horse Inn in Landrum, SC, offers you an exceptional bed and breakfast service in an accommodation sprawled amidst a relaxing landscape. The Red Horse Inn is just 30 minutes away from Greenville, South Carolina, and is one of the perfect places to distress and rejuvenate the tired and weary soul.

The Four Diamond Southern Inn has prepared an adventure package perfect for romantic couples, and to make your return trip worthwhile, you’ll receive $50 gift certificates courtesy of the Livingsocial package. Theres nothing quite like a two night stay in The Red Horse Inn, especially if you’re looking for a peaceful vacation escapade away from the noise of the city.

Lush Amenities Right as you enter the Dovecote Room, why don’t you and your partner start your rejuvenating vacation by popping a bottle of champagne in the middle of your fully-stocked accommodation? Take a whiff of the fresh flowers propped on your bed side and take a bite of the gourmet chocolate truffles which are all yours as part of the welcoming package. The Red Horse Inn provides you with an ethereal suite landscaped to perfection. Expect your bed to be lavished with rose petals, your room embellished with sheer drapes enclosing a private balcony. Theres a fireplace and a whirlpool Jacuzzi tub that you and your partner can use. In the Four Diamond Southern Inn, you and your partner will have all amenities to reach the zenith of romance. Theres no better place to go to.

Should you want something more opulent than the Davecote Room, upgrade your stay by going for the Carriage Bay Cottage for only $447. The Carriage Bay Cottage is a two story lodge embellished with two decks that are deliciously roomy, a fireplace nook, your very own front porch with rocking chairs, and a whirlpool Jacuzzi.

Hearty Meals The 332$ package comes with breakfasts in bed for two people. Choose from a variety of traditional breakfasts such as chocolate-filled croissants, quiche and egg casserole, fruit parfaits, cobblers and your choice of any beverage such as coffee, juice, or tea. This hearty breakfast will give you the energy you need to journey through the vineyards. Taste a variety of wines and receive a souvenir glass at the Overmountain Vineyards, the Rockhouse Vineyards, and the Green Creek Winery. Other wonderful luxuries that you’ll surely enjoy are included in the package as well.

Included in your stay at the Inn is a trip over to the Little Mountain Potter in North Carolina where you’ll get a 10% discount. With its lush decor, quiet ambience,and a romantic setting landscaped for couples in love, the Four Diamond Southern Inn is the perfect place to ignite the fire of love once again.