3 Best Android Security Apps

By Sheila on about misc

It’s quite obvious that the android operating system is getting more powerful and useful than any other phone operating system.

Thousands of apps have been released along with the Operating system, both the spammy apps and the useful ones.

A lot of people get confused easily asking if they are to use an anti-virus software on the Smartphone’s or not, it quiet necessary for you to use an anti-virus software on your Smartphone’s. Gather The majority of Android security apps are actually packages that include a host of other tools from contact filtering to remote lock or wipe. I’ve decided to take a look at the top three Android security apps and find out what they do.

1.) Avast Mobile Anti-virus Software (Free)

On my list here, I am having avast as the first best android security app which is used by thousands of android users.

As a pure free app for the Android platform, Avast! Mobile Security is offering an impressive range of tools. It has full anti-virus protection, it scans your app and provides full details on what their necessity are; it also has a web-shield that scans URLs from Malwares.

There are various additional tools in the package and the best of the bunch is the anti-theft component. The app is actually based on an old app called Theft Aware which Avast acquired. The anti-theft feature is hidden and allows you to remote control your Smartphone using SMS. So if you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it, locate it, or wipe it. You can make it play a siren sound, lock down the SIM card, and prevent USB debugging as well. It’s a comprehensive solution for theft protection.

According to the latest AV-Test report of 22 popular Android security apps, Avast is a solid option with an overall detection rate of 98 percent. Although it has fallen down the charts to joint fifth overall, compared to last year’s report which named it in first place, the extra functionality (including the anti-theft tools and a firewall for rooted devices) still make it worth considering.

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2.) Trust Go Anti-virus Mobile! Security (Free)

Trust-go mobile anti-virus software is a responsive free anti-virus software released for every android mobile user. Trust-go mobile anti-virus has a standard security scanner for on-demand or scheduled scans to uncover and remove malware. It also supports secure Web browsing to protect you from dodgy downloads and phishing scams. The list goes on with a system manager to help you manage data, memory, and battery usage, so you can improve your device’s performance.

Trust-go scored a stunning 100 percent detection rate in AV-Test’s malware test. It was also named in first place overall thanks to a combination of protection, usability, and a host of tempting extras.

It quite understandable that you might have not heard of this anti-virus before, but it’s surely responsive and trustworthy as the name goes.

3.) Lookout Mobile Security (Free and Paid)

And on my last list is Lookout Mobile anti-virus software, lookout is actually one of the best android anti-virus software’s; you should probably go for it after buying your android phone. Lookout accounts come with two flavors, free and premium. The free account lets you scan your phone for malware, backup and restore your data online, and use GPS to locate your phone, either lost or stolen. Lookout has even been in the news for helping someone recover a stolen phone.

You can also upgrade to a premium account for only $3 per month (or $30 per year) and gain remote locking and wiping capabilities, as well as enhanced backup and Privacy Advisor. The latter gives you a detailed look at which apps can access certain information, such as location and identity information, and outlines the risks of having such applications on your phone. The free version is great for basic phone protection, but you’ll likely want to shell out the cash for the extra features.